2-in-1 Citrus Juicer Manual Press

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Brand: Two Sisters NZ

Color: Yellow & Green


  • BEST COMMERCIAL QUALITY FOOD SAFE (FDA) ENAMELED ALUMINUM. This lemon squeezer is ideal for cooking, baking, cocktails, drinks or making your own cleaning products. DISHWASHER SAFE, heavy duty but lightweight
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, HAND HELD TWO BOWL DESIGN lime squeezer that allows you to squeeze juice from DIFFERENT SIZED FRUIT exactly where you want it. Captures 99% of pips & pulp and saves you time, money & storage.
  • ADD THE FRESH FLAVOR OF LEMONS AND LIMES to your daily diet to help with hydration, vitamin C, pH balance, anti aging, the lemon detox diet and living a long healthy life.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE DESIGN so gone are the days of the old fashioned twist type citrus juicer. EXTRACTS MAXIMUM JUICE WITH EASE so means no more arthritis pain. Friends and family will admire your color coded trendy citrus press.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if not completely satisfied. Buy with Confidence with your order being fulfilled by Amazon. See Special Offers below for multi-buy deals.



...'We use a lot of citrus in our food and water and shakes', 'the rounded bottom fits the opening of my water bottles just right', 'I have become a lemon juice in Hot water convert', 'I use lemon juice to detox', 'I use fresh lime juice in lieu of salad dressing', 'Love it for my paleo cooking!!!'...


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"I love it! It's a massive improvement on my old plastic twist juicer that was hard on my wrists and picking the pips out of the juice was very time consuming. I love the innovative design of the 2 different sized bowls, allowing me to juice limes in the green bowl and lemons and quartered oranges in the yellow bowl." SR